What a pleasant surprise!!!

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    Nov 12, 2007
    DS had his tonsils & adnoids removed last Thursday. The surgery went great but we had a very long wait....we were there @ 10:30am and within 1/2 hr he was checked in and gowned up waiting, his procedure was scheduled for noon. By 1:30 DH was irritated, by 2:30 DS was crying for a drink of water, he'd had nothing to eat or drink since midnight. Turns out the doctors' previous patient had complications, he arrived at 4pm and was VERY apologetic. He called on friday to check on my son...I was very pleased with that, he called himself when a nurse could have easily asked follow up questions. Now today in the mail we received a get well card on which the doctor wrote a lengthy note apologizing again for the circumstances and included was a $50 Toys R Us card for my son [​IMG] I was blown away!
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    Wow, that's nice.
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    Wow! Post that in the local newspaper and maybe more will follow suit. [​IMG]
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    Quote:now thats a doctor who still cares! hope your son is up and feeling better too:)
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    If ALL doctors were that good i might not gripe so much about the cost of medical care! Good for your DS!!
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    That is so nice!!!!
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    all i get is a long wait in the waiting room... [​IMG]
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    how sweet... the doctor who removed my tonsils when I was a kid also removed my daughters tonsils...sadly a couple of months later he was killed in a plane crash in florida...I loved that doctor he was awesome
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    That is great, it shows there are some that actually dont see patients as just another body to diagnose.
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    Ken cardiologist calls Ken himself all the time, and he calls me too to make sure Ken is telling the truth. [​IMG]

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