What about goats?


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Jul 7, 2008
Freeman Mo.
Well, I am thinking if all goes well with the rabbits, I might even try goats. I have never tried goats milk, but I here its good, what about the meat, does anyone eat them?


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Apr 22, 2008
We like goat milk, in fact my kids say they prefer goat rather than cow milk. I have never eaten goat, but am certainly up for trying it (which we will do if we can't find buyers for our kids when they arrive).

Their Other Mother

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May 1, 2008
Years ago we used to buy fresh goats milk from our neighbor. My son always had the stinkiest head and cradle cap. No matter how much I washed his hair he smelled like a wet dog. He also had orange goopy wax draining out of his ears all the time. Doctors didn't know what to do. The neighbor told us to start feeding him goats milk - which we did - and it went away and stayed away. He was under two then.

We have had goats for 3 years now but never for milk just pets. BUT, I just called another neighbor with a buck and in two weeks we are going to have a wedding. Kids in the Spring and wonderfull goats milk for all kinds of yummy stuff. I'll be all over Miss Prissy's pages for yoghurt & cheese.


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Jan 7, 2008
N.Cali/Chico/Forest Ranch
Goats are great, as pets and as useful livestock, but please prepare for them as they do require good fencing, etc...

I have pygmy goats as pets, so I havent used their milk, alot of others here have milk goats, though! I've heard it's wonderful.

I have eaten goat meat. It must be an acquired taste, I prefer other types of meat. It wasnt bad, but I can live without it. It had anoff taste to me, similar to wild boar that I had once, it was a little disappointing.

Goats need upkeep and sometimes things dont go as easy as you like. I lost a baby goat during kidding the other day. We had been waiting 150 days for this baby, when we got home from work, she was partially delivered, but already deceased, having been stuck coming out. My poor DH had to complete the delivery. My little momma goat seems to be recovering now....We are hoping for the best...(I think she was too young to be bred, we bought the sisters in June.)

We are hoping to have a sister site to BYC started soon, Backyardgoats.com When it's up and running, hopefully you will join us!!


Their Other Mother

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May 1, 2008
I would LOVE a Back Yard Goats! My Family will hate it, between all the other sister sites I'm enjoying them all. But I really have to stay away from Back Yard Cows... My family has a dairy in Western Pa and I miss it so much. I've been begging my husband for a milk cow for a year now.

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Mar 29, 2008
Raleigh, NC
I'll let you know soon.

I have my entire back yard which is over an acre fenced in now. I want to build another section of fence across, so that I can have a small landscaped backyard with no animals allowed. My chickens come up on my patio and back steps now and leave pleny of "shoe bombs" I love the chickens, but I do not like having poop on my back steps.

When I get that last section of fence built, I'm going to get maybe 3 goats. Not sure what kind yet, my wife likes nubians, but I like the oberhas....(not sure how to spell it) and the alpines. We may get 1 boar also, just to have the meat potential. Probably wouldn't actually eat the wethers unless times got tough.

I have eaten Curry goat at a Jamaican restaraunt, and it's pretty good. But then again I like ox tails too.

My wife says that anyone who eats liver mush, scraple, brains and eggs, and chitlins, will eat anything.


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Jul 9, 2007
Blue Mound, Kansas
I love my goats and the milk they give. I have La Manchas, Alpines, Nubians and Nigerian Dwarfs...they are pets but they earn their keep also. I cant wait till kidding time again as its so exciting. I have had goats for years and you need stury fence and if it dont hold water then it wont hold a goat is what some say. I personally have the metal cattle panels and they work so much better than square wire fence. Had to replace the fencing as it gets pushed down over time. Goats are Great and are wonderful pets and do provide you will milk and depending on the type you get sometimes fiber.
I love my goats more than my cattle, but I do eat my beef. I have eaten goat before and it all depends on how its cooked or you wouldnt ever know you are eating goat. Its great BBQed.
Would like to see a BYG forum also...sounds good to me also.

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