what about lizards?

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    Jun 13, 2008
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    im kinda new to raising chickens i had 4 bantams a few years ago ( no idea what kind, they were given to me) and now i have normal sized chickens. i have 1 grown generic white chicken that was also given to me i dunno how old but i remember it was a little yellow chik maybe 3,4,5? weeks ago, shes HUGE i didnt know chickens grew so fast. and i have 2 baby chiks another white chicken like my big one and a rhode island red. they all get along despit the age diffrence and no sign of predators. i wanted to know, a friend used to have a snake and he never fed them lizards ( green anoles) or those little salamanders, or skinks cause he said they carry disease that would kill the snake, WELL my big white chicken ate a skink, is this any diffrent from snakes? or is it just a mistake? i mean my long gone bantams used to kill lizards all the time but they were to big to get in there tiny lil beaks.
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    Apr 9, 2008
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    [​IMG] --*BURP*


    (Mine eat mice. Actually, they eat anything they can catch.)
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    I caught a bluetailed lizard in the pool trap. I took it down and turned it loose inside the chicken house. There were 7 full size white leghorn hens converge on this poor lizard. One hen makes a run and snatches the lizard and runs to the corner with 6 others hot on her heels.

    It was a war for 15 minutes. Feathers flying, hens pecking and dragging each other across the house. It was chicken war!!!!! The poor lizard was finally torn into many many pieces and consumed. The hens turned immediately back to their fun loving self.

    They are still here and act fine. I figure lizard is one for their favorite meals.


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