What about when it rains?


6 Years
Feb 16, 2013
Columbia, Virginia
This is probably a silly question...

What do I do with my chicks when it rains? I just put my 8 week olds out in their coop for good 5 days ago. It hasn't rained in the past 5 days. The forecast is calling for rain all week.

My normal routine (I think it's right) is they roam their "Fort Knox" run all day with the run door to the coop open. At night at around 8 I close the run door shut them in the coop (took them three nights to learn where bed is...I don't have to chase them anymore, they are already on the roosts at dusk). In the morning when I get up I go out and open the run door to let them have access to the run all day and the cycle continues.

What do I do when it rains? Do I do nothing different? My hubby's grandfather raised chickens for decades, and hubby says chickens are stupid...they don't seek shelter from the rain. They stand in it. Is this true? I don't want my babies getting sick! I heard cold is fine, but wet cold is not...that's why a draft free coop is important. So do I lock them in the coop during the rain?
Do what you normally do every day. Chickens will seek shelter if the rain is too heavy for their liking. Chickens seem to like a light rain but not a heavy rain. They do and will seek shelter themselves. Rain changes the activities of bugs and chickens like to cash in on getting bugs at the right time. They are not as dumb as some have told you.

Wish you the best.

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