What about you?

No. I use pine shavings, and toss them with a pitchfork when I think of it, but mostly just strip and refill once a month or so.

My ducks don't have food or water inside, though, so that makes a difference in how often it needs cleaning.
I add extra shavings as needed in the night pen. And clean it out every two weeks or so. Horrible job... They wander the whole back yard during the day - so the night pen isnt usually too bad.
Once a week in the winter and twice in the summer if it needs it.
They're stinky little people!
My 3 Swedish ducks hardly go in their house, even during the Winter. They have a 4x8 house just for the 3 of them and the straw is still fine in there. Its probably been a few months since I put it in there. I just had my daughter go in and check for eggs, she was moving the hay around with her feet and it was all dry. I will probably due some Spring cleaning in the coops soon and they will get everything cleaned up then.
i cant believe how messy just 3 are so is it ok to not put water in overnight and pu it in ealry mornng all day??? does it make that much difference, as in do they make much mess at night??? i had a pool in their pen.... a biiiig mistake so now they just have a bucket of water and get their pool when i let them out everyday....... cheers guys!!
Heavens no!! I empty their pen twice a year, and it's a two-day job (to save my back--I could do it in a few hours, but I'll pay for the exertion later). I use deep litter, which means I just keep putting fresh straw down on top as often as it needs it, about every two to three days. The clean-out yields tons of awesome mulch for trees and garden, plus plentiful partially started material for the compost heap. Good stuff. Oh, and they only use their actual shelter for eating & laying, so I almost never clean it out.

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