what actually is grits?


9 Years
May 25, 2010
I heard that grits is basically dirk and sand. Is that true? I was going to go buy some grits from a feed store, but a friend of mine that owns chicken some a bit now is tell me that grits are sand and dirk is that true. if not then what is grits. i didn't think raising chicks would be so confusing
Grits is a human food

Grit, as in granite grit, is for chickens to help them grind the food in the gizzard. If you free range and they have access to rocky soil or granite rock, you don't need to buy any. If they are inside, and do not have access, it is a good thing to have on hand.
i have a large chuck of sod and dirt in with my chicks, i ahve been debating on buying grit. they spend lots of time pecking at the dirt, and i also go to the yard and pick up all kinds of bugs. do i need grit?
Silly people! Grits - Girl Raised In The South

My chickens have been finding their own grit since they were about 3 weeks old.

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