What age do white Chinese female geese start laying??


May 4, 2017
hello! I’ve had two white Chinese ganders for about a year and a half, so obviously have had no eggs from them, but this April I took in a baby white Chinese goose, and raised it up, and luckily it ended up being my female goose :) so I was very excited I finally got a female out of her, I know it is because I’ve seen video comparisons of gander and goose and I’ve seen some in person, plus like I said I have two ganders and she’s 7 almost 8 months old now and she’s got a MUCH lower honk and she’s so much shorter with a low carriage and smaller knob, but I was curious when I should start to expect goose eggs from her?? I’m very excited for her first egg lol
Spring 2019 and she is gorgeous
Sounds good :) i can’t wait to see what her eggs are like! I get duck eggs, bantam chicken eggs, regular ones, and then turkey eggs but this is my first female goose so I’m excited to see hers! And thanks so much! Yes she’s very sweet and she’s a beauty :love I was very lucky I got a female out of her cause I really didn’t need a third gander :lau
They may fight over her.
She lives in a pen with my two silkie roosters lol :) (as you can see in the pic I posted of her) an odd little family but when she was big enough to go outside I put her in with them because I didn’t want the two boys to hurt her. So she’s been with them ever since and they do okay together, my silkies are both boys and they mind their own lol. The ganders are in a pen across from them, with just the two of them in there. The boys were raised together so they’ve always been together, occasionally I’ll grab her out and let her look at them from behind the wall of the pen but never have put her in there with them for a fear of her getting hurt, plus she’s sweet and they are not :lau

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