What age does the peeping turn to clucking?


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Apr 24, 2011
My girls will be 12 weeks on Sunday. They peep / squeek all the time. If I pick one up they get louder but it is still a squeeking kind of sound. Last week my daughter startled them and I could swear one actually clucked. I thought after that they would all start but no. So when do the start talking in the big girl voice?
My little serama chicks were hatched March 5th about. They still peep but if something is bugging them like the neighbors cat they will do a high pitched cute cluck. Give them time
Mine are 6 weeks and every once in a while I hear a sound that sounds like a cluck (from my EE). But the majority of the time they chirp. I can't wait to hear them clucking around my yard!
My first two from last year started around 4 months old...The current chicks born on March 5th are starting to make more big chicken noises. The two D'uccles are really letting out with some "Baaac"s when you grab em too quick. The OEGs are making some other weird noises that sound like a wild bird along with their peeps.
Mine peep, but it's deeper now. They are about 8-9 wks. Some do this singing thing. Some croak out this course sound. It's odd. No cute clucks yet! Thanks for asking this, I was wondering too!
My girls are gold comets, which are early maturing (so that might influence it). They started full-time clucking at 10 to 11 weeks. I am a bit strange and get no end of entertainment listening to their different vocalizations. So I pick up one in particular often just to hear her go "buuuuuuuuuuuuCK buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck?" like she is trying to figure out what this weirdo is doing manhandling her.

Heehee giggling just thinking about it.

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