What age to give yogurt?


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I tried searching and didn't find anything. I want to avoid pasty butt if possible plus if it's good for them and they like it, I would like to give them some. Also is it ok to use a small ceramic pet bowl? I have a couple of shallow ones that would be perfect.
Small amounts won't hurt them from a week or two old, just SMALL amounts to start.

I try to always use the same bowl for treats for the babies. They come to recognize that bowl very quickly.

Next try walking out the door with a bright pink feed scoop when you have 30+ chickens that all know what that scoop means.
At day 5 I started giving mine a peck or two at a dab of yogurt on my fingertip.

Five weeks later, that dab is still the basis of all their training!

Yogurt = love
I found some other messages saying 3 days so I tried it. I put a spoonful in a little ceramic bowl and put some feed on top. They wouldn't touch it. They kept going up to it but that was it. I left and it looks like they might have pecked at it a little bit. I also put out some chopped up egg yolk and they didn't want anything to do with that. I have one pasty butt chick right now so I was really hoping the yogurt would be a big hit. I may try again each day-maybe they just need to get used to having it there.
I use probios a probiotic since the day I got my chicks. 2 1/2 months later they still have it in their water everyday. It's the same as giving yogurt, but easier.
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They just need to get used to it.
All of my birds are outside enjoying some cool yogurt right now. That's another benefit to feeding the yogurt, if it's a hot day. Helps cool them down.

Also, outside is a bowl of leftover sweet potatoes and baby peas. The adult chickens are eating it, because they've had it before. The younger birds and chicks won't go near it.
I just went and got the yogurt dish and they did peck at it quite a bit. Also walked in it and pooped in it. I am going to pick up some disposable pie tins and feed it in those so I can just toss them (I hate washing out chicken poo). Also pasty-butt's butt seems cleaner. Obviously not from the yogurt but maybe a monster poop pushed all the stuff off.
I bought mine on Amazon.com. I ordered it Thurs morning and it arrived the very next day. Talk about fast service. I put both vitamins and probiotics at the same time. It seems to work really well.

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