what age will my hens start to lay

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  1. cheryll1962red

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    May 8, 2011
    Hello i wonder if anyone out there can help me i have 4 Amber Star hens and they are over 20 weeks now and still not laying we have extended the run to make it bigger for them give them plenty of food and extras so was wondering if im doing anything wrong as they still not laying any eggs.

    Can anyone help me.
  2. jmorriso

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    Jul 28, 2010
    Doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong. 20 weeks isn't a set-in-stone date that they should start laying at. I think 20 weeks is more the time that you should start looking for eggs and paying attention to your hens to see if they start showing signs of future laying. Their combs should start to really redden right before laying and they usually do a submissive squat behavior a week ro so before. If you have a rooster, he'll start mating them during their squat sessions. It depends on the birds and breed, but I wouldn't be worried unless you get up near 30 weeks and there are still no eggs.

    Also, I dont' think this is the right section for this type of post, so don't be surprised if it get moved.
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    Chickens range from 20 to 27 weeks. It's rare for one to lay earlier than 20 weeks and some breeds are prone to slow maturing. I had several types of sex links, production reds, barred rocks and leghorns last year. It ranged from 23 to 28 weeks for mine to start. The red star and one of the production reds were the latest in our flock. Barred Rock and black star were first.

    They will start investigating the nests and squatting for you when they are about to lay. The combs get much redder too. Squatting is when they hunker right down and even put butts in the air as you walk near. The leghorns never did this for us, which is one of the reasons we got rid of them. It makes picking up a bird so easy if they squat for you.
  4. cheryll1962red

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    May 8, 2011
    Thank you to both of you and i will learn where to put the posts this is my first time on the site so still learning but thank you again for the replies and the info. Ill just have to be a bit more patient i think.
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    Quote:i think you did fine....after all....this IS the section for egglaying [​IMG]

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