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ginger c.

8 Years
Apr 20, 2011
We've been trying to figure out what this baby is. We posted a couple of weeks ago and got some speculation. She's changed a bit. So we were hoping y'all would weigh in again. I tried to get pics of her saddle and neck feathers (they all look rounded to me), feet, and comb (single). She/he/it is about 6 weeks old.

We're still worried this one might be a roo. And still trying to determine what it is. We were told SLW when we got it, but clearly that's incorrect. Is it just a mix of things? Any ideas? $500 reward to the first person who gives the correct answers...

Reward paid at the rate of $.01 per decade for the next five decades and then $.01/year after that. Must be alive to claim and collect your prize!




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Fred's Hens :

Barred Rock pullet. The roo would have substantial comb and junior wattle set by now. That doesn't mean she is "pure bred" or up to type, but I bet she'll be a nice hen.

We kind of doubt it's pure. Her/his feet started off the same color as the feet on our EEs. They still have a twinge of green in them, but are now mostly yellow.
She is by far the nicest bird in the bunch. She comes when I call and loves to be held. My EEs run around like I have a meat cleaver in one hand and a recipe for chicken parmesan in the other. I have to carry both EEs at the same time or they start to freak out and screech!

I need to put pics of them up to see if they are both pullets. They were sexed... but ya never know.​

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