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7 Years
Mar 21, 2012
Northern California
I got this chick from the local feed store today, there was no sign and they weren't sure what it was. Any help would be great!

Also got this little one, I know what it is but I thought I'd throw in a pic because she's so cute!

I am not sure what she is - but she is adorable! I am only familiar with buff brahmas, and they have a grey body when they are young. Plus, brahmas have feathered feet, so, I wouldn't think so. Hopefully someone else will be able to through out some ideas!
Top chick looks like a rhode island red

Bottom chick looks like an ameraucana

Were they not labeled at all?

They are not Brahma, Brahma's have feathered legs.
After doing some googling, I think it is probably an EE. The guy at the feed store said the bottom is an Ameraucana but seems EE to me. The top one (the one in question) has a bit of the "chipmunk" coloring on it's back and like turtle said it has a serious beard going on, so I think it may also be EE. The feed store does indeed get their chicks from a hatchery so maybe light brahma isn't necessarily ruled out, but I'm leaning towards EE for now, I think. Any other input is certainly welcome! :)
I'd say they are both EE's. Even though the first one doesn't have dark legs, is has an obvious bear/muffs and has quite random coloring. Super cute

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