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8 Years
Oct 12, 2011
So we picked up this little cutie at the feed store today. We have no idea what she is (well we're hoping she anyways). Her color in these pictures is a bit off. She inbetween the different shades here. She is starting to get some feathering that appears a light lavender gray color on her wings.

Her being silly and strutting like a big turkey. XD

So any thoughts? XD
Got a recent photo of her. She's quite grown up now, got all her feathers and stuff though shes the smallest of our young group of turkeys who are all about the same age. It's not the best picture and a silly one at that. XD

She does have a few spots on her that make me think she's got slate in her but I'm not so sure about the other half now? She almost got a chocolatey look to the spots and some odd looking bars on the tail.
Looks pretty slatey. The facial patterning looks black-based and she definitely has the blue genes. A half chocolate wouldn't look like a slate with some brown, it would just look slate. You really can't tell what recessive genes are present without knowing something about the parents, or doing some intentional cross-breeding.

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