What an exciting day!

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    Jun 12, 2007
    DH was washing his hands out our backdoor sink and looking out the window....I can't quite remember how he said it, but I ran over to look out the window to see what had gotten him so excited. There was a swarm of bees in out pin oak in the back yard. He was afraid it was one of our 2 hives. So, he calls his dad ( lives next door ) and they got all their equipment together and got it down into a hive.

    He's not sure if one of the old one's split or if it came from somewhere else. He said there was still lots of activity from the other 2. Anyway, he left the hive under the tree until dark, then we went out and carted it down to where the others are - trying to be very careful not to bounce them too hard on a tree root! We made it without any problems!

    The boys were quite excited too, out watching from a safe distance. No stings, so it was a success - especially with so many bees flying around!

    Here is the swarm before they got it out of the tree

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    bee keeping can be a lot of fun. Like chickens, though, it can get to be a big hobby real fast!
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    sounds like quite the adventure. [​IMG]

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