What (and when) to look for to tell chicks' gender?


9 Years
Oct 19, 2010
West Tennessee
We just got 6 little Buff Orpingtons this past Saturday, and they were three weeks old yesterday. The plan is to hopefully get three hens out of the group, and give the roosters to friends in the country. The lady we got them from said to look for crests growing on the tops of their heads, and the first ones to get crests would be the males - but when does that start to show up? Are there other indicators we can be watching for as well?

Buff Orpingtons are in my opinion one of the hardest breeds to sex. Mine are about 12 weeks old and I still can't tell the sexes. I have my guesses but it's really hard to know for sure. It might depend on the particular strain as well. My birds are from a SQ Buff Orpington breeder, so I'm not sure if hatchery birds are different.

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