What are my chicks???

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    I went to TSC today with my dad and we were going to get 4 RIR pullets and 2 ducklings but when we got there the ducks were gone and the only bins they had were Assorted Pullets, Assorted Reds, Assorted straight Run,and Assorted Bantams. mom told me she wanted RIR pullets so i picked up to from the Assorted REds, 3 From the assorted pullets (mom wants eggs), and 1 from the assorted bantams. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I HAVE!

    This is one i picked out of the Assorted Reds bin. I have 2 of these but the one pictured is a lot darker then the other one.
    RIR?pic 1
    RIR? pic 2
    RIR? feet pic

    This is my other one i picked out of the Assorted pullets. I have 1 of these.
    How do you tell the difference between a White Leghorn and a White Rock?White Leghorn? pic 1
    White Leghorn? feet pic

    Sorry for all the pics i just want to know what they are.
    Thanks in advance!

    How do you tell the difference between a White Leghorn and a White Rock?


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  2. I think the first pic with the stripes down the back are sex-links. I'm no help with the others though, sorry.
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    Quote:Would you happen to know what kind of sex-link?
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    I don't know about any of them but that second one looks just like one I hatched a week ago. I'll be watching this thread to see what comes up for answers. They are all cute [​IMG]
  5. golden sex links or golden comets as they are called ... i got some on sunday
  6. pics 1 and 2 are golden sex links
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    I hope someone knows about your bantam!!!
    (I pick same one up I thought they were so cute)

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    Quote:That is also a golden sebright.

    As is your the last chick that the OP posted.

    Sebrights are not what people say. They are very easy to raise just like any other chick. I know, I had six of them that I ordered from Ideal and all of them are happy and healthy. Just raise them like any other chick and they will be fine. Don't let their size fool you though [​IMG] They are tough, and think they are the size of ostriches [​IMG] But that's nothing to worry about. Hold 'em and bond with them and they may become very nice. I know mine are. [​IMG]
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    my sebright is very brave! today i went down stairs and checked on them but when i looked in the new chickies side the sebright was gone! [​IMG]
    It (don't know weather boy or girl) was over with the big chicks who are about 5 times as big as it! And they didn't hurt it! the sebright was just sleeping with them! tHe sebright is know safely where it's supposed to be.
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    Can anybody help me on the rest of my chickies???? [​IMG] [​IMG] I'd really like to tell them what they are......[​IMG]

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