What are my packing peanuts?


12 Years
Mar 11, 2009
Canyon, TX
I got my Ideal order of 8 Buff Brahma pullets last Thursday. They included 12 "packing peanuts" for warmth. When I placed the order they asked if they could add peanuts and I said yes, so they not a total surprise--I just didn't expect 12! I had 2 hens that were sitting on eggs for the first time and tried to divide them between them. One accepted them and one did not. So, Lacy, my silver laced cochin mix got 10 of them and I left 2 with my Brahman's in the brooder. They are all very healthy chick. I can't figure out what they are (I don't know my red chickens very well). I don't think they are Orpingtons since they have pink legs instead of white and are clean legged. Some have started to get their wing feathers and they look like are going to be buff. They have single combs. Any ideas of what they are?




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