what are signs my chickens are lacking protein in there diet

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  1. IwannaBEaMERMAID

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    i don't think there lacking any [​IMG] ....they eat left overs, layer pellet, greens and what ever else they find in the grass. OH [​IMG] btw i have 2 std white cochin pullets, 1 RIR roo, and a bantam barred cochin roo. all of which i got the third week of june from ideal poultry. and should i be feeding my roos layer pellets. OH..again the reason im asking about the protein is that my cochins havent started laying yet, or could this be from the whole it being winter and i got them to late in the year.

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    It could be because of winter and the amount of light we have. You can feed your roos layer pellets but if they hens are not laying yet then I wouldn't give them layer feed until they start laying.
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