What are some things to keep on hand?

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    Jul 19, 2009
    I'm going to ask this in the diseases/injuries forum as well, but in the way of food...what are some things that I should have on hand for the chickens (besides their layer feed and water and treats).

    I know I've read about ACV and use it in their water. I've also read about garlic and cayenne pepper...not sure of all the reasons/uses for those.

    What else should I have on hand...like I've read when the birds are feeling down or something from rainy days about giving something to perk them up. I've also read about a sick bird have TUMS ground up.

    What about vitamins, electrolytes, etc. What are some things to have on hand and how often to give it or to only give it when they're sick or what? Also, how do you give it... in their food, in their water or what...please explain.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Honestly, all they really need is fresh water and fresh food. I've never given extras. The only thing I tend to keep on hand is bluekote for wounds and sulmet/corroid incase younger birds get cocci. The last you can prevent by exposing them early to the soil so they can develop immunities to the protozoa.

    ACV and garlic are said to be good for us to eat and thus their birds to eat, while the pepper is said to encourage laying. ACV probably also helps keep slime from forming in water, too much garlic can cause eggs to be a bit "off" in taste, and not sure how pepper is to really do anything since birds do not have the receptors for Caspian (makes peppers hot).

    Electrolites or just plain gatorade can do in a pinch when a bird is "sick" but if one is down for some reason, it would be best to figure out what the problem is as viral, bacterial, protozoas, and external pests need to be treated before making them "feel" better.
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    BEST thing to keep on hand for any contingency: CASH

    but, I know..there's never enough. That's why I'm foolish enough to buy lottery tickets!

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