what are sunlight requirements for chickens

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    Well winter is approaching, and as the sun is getting lower in the sky it looks like my chicken pen will get very little sun during the day. I only let the girls out to free range for 2-4 hours a day, (mainly because of the destruction they do.) I realize they may need more than this so they can soak up the sun, and we're in the process of making some modifications to the yard so there is less damage around plants etc.. But my question is just how much sunlight is require for health and egg production??
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    They lay better when they have 14 hours of light.

    Light in my coop goes on at 6AM and off at 8PM... even though they are all asleep on the roosts at 6:30PM
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    14 hours?! Oh- I heard 12 would do it. I better go crank up my timer to make it 14. That's good to know. Thanks [​IMG]

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