What are symptoms of gout in chickens?


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May 2, 2009
Just read thread on the rooster with dropsy. dlhunicorn stated that too much calcium can damage kidneys and cause gout. I would like to know how gout affects chickens. Could be something with my rooster with weak legs who walks and stumbles like he is drunk or dizzy.
yours is a neurological problem
do this

you can feed this wet mash with vit's to all the chickens it will not hurt them just help the gut flora

for each chicken fed this wet mash with vit's
3 tbsp of dry crumble feed
4 bsp of milk
1 tbsp of yoguart and 1 tbsp of apple sauce left till after you put in the vit's for her gut problem

and for each chicken in flock(your feeding this to) put in one 1000 mg of vit E cut end off and add to mix

1 vit B complex for each chick fed crushed and put in the wet mix
also a tablet crushed of selinium mix good and

last add 1 tbsp of apple sauceon top
to get them eating the wet mash probiotic

feed this for several days twice a day
then once a week for life of chicken to restore gut flora in the medicated birds gut

also put 2 tbsp of ACV in gallon of water and do this for several weeks when not putting medication in the waterers

email me with any questions
In case it's useful for someone trying to find info in the future:

Actually, there are observable symptoms for gout. Articular gout may be noticed by a swelling in the feet or legs that looks like it is white inside (and does not have a scab on the outside like Bumblefoot does, plus gout is in joints and tendon sheaths rather than the footpad). The swelling causes pain in the bird & they may be lame.

Here is a quote from a helpful article:

"Pet birds with the visceral or body-organ form of gout accumulate most of their urate crystals in and surrounding their internal organs. Birds that develop the articular form accumulate most of their gout crystals surrounding their joints, and tendons – particularly the joints and tendons of the foot and hock. In both forms, these crystals irritate the surrounding tissue causing severe inflammation. "

The complete article, "Gout In Pet Birds--Avian Kidney Disease" is by Ron Hines DVM PhD and is found at http://www.2ndchance.info/gout.htm
I have a rooster that has the same symptoms of swollen feet & walks like he is drunk. Is there a cure for his problem?

Welcome to BYC. There can be several causes for swollen feet, such as mycoplasma synovitis (MS,) gout, and viral or bacterial arthritis. It might be good to take a few pictures of his feet and legs, look him over for any swelling of his joints, check the bottoms of his foot pads for dark spots and swelling (bumblefoot,) and check him to see if his legs are weak or paralyzed. Have you had him long? Does he have Any othed symptoms, such as breathing or respiratory problems?
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