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    Jun 28, 2009
    6 chickens in one enclosure all of them cornish X araucana. 5 hens 1 rooster. They are 8 months old come spring when I am hoping to do this. What would be the chances that the eggs my hens throw are fertile? Is there even a small chance they aren't fertile having 1 roo to 5 hens in a relatively small enclosure? I've never bred chickens so i don't know if it is like a blue moon when you get a fertile egg or something that is expected when you put a roo in with your hens. Any light you can shed on this situation is really appreciated!

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    There is definitely a chance that your chicken hatching eggs would be fertile and able to provide some baby chicks for you in the spring. the cornish/Araucana is an interesting cross. 1-5 is a reasonable ratio. You don't want the birds to be too cramped. I think you will be fine. Feed the chickens well and you should have fertile eggs.
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    I have a GC Marans roo in a 4 X 10 X 5'high pen. He doesn't get around to everybody. *6 hens

    When I let them out to free range, he goes for some of the girls that he doesn't routinely get in the pen. I think if it were a 5 X 10 it wouldn't be an issue. He can't do the dance in 4' like he could in 5'
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    Absolutely!!! The closer they get to a year old, the better chances that all your eggs will be fertile. 1:5 is excellent. I had 1:11 and all eggs were fertile. He was a busy boy.

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