What are the odds???


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Sep 16, 2009
My wife got her first egg on 10/14. She was bouncing off the walls when I got home (we got one, we got one). The egg had a double yolk. What are the odds of that happening???
Pretty good. Pullets tend to lay quite a few double (and sometimes more) yolkers why their systems are getting up and running. The doubles kind of fade away after they've been laying for a few months. Congrats on the first egg, it's a great feeling.
second, the odds of it being a double yolker being the first egg laid? I can't really tell ya, so someone with more experience will have a better answer. My first egg, LOL, I was just like your wife bouncing off the walls had to call DH who is out of town working just to tell him, he laughed at me. my first egg was just a wee bit larger than a quarter LOL. now they are kinda big and I have gotten a couple triple yolkers :-D

In Any event I stopped by to congratulate you and to welcome you to BYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doubles show up a lot early on
So the odds aren't as bad as you might think.
With that said about odds being good, none of my currently laying pullets have had double yolks, so YMMV. The pipes in my girls seem to be working well out of the box.
are you saying you've seen more than two yolks? How about that...

I haven't had any triples here, but I've seen several post (with pics) of them and even a couple egg within an egg oddballs where there is a fully formed/shelled egg incased in another one. Doubles are pretty common with pullets, the triples are much less so, but not unheard of.

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