what are the spots in the eggs? what causes them?


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sometimes my eggs develop these spots, its looks like inside the shell. they are dark and not appealing to look at and there are lots of them. what am i seeing? is it air pockets or moisture or something trapped inside? it happens to both eggs that are refrigerated immediately and those that sit out.
I THINK you might be referring to "meat spots"? Not positive on how they get there and such, but I am sure other people on here know. That might not be it at all.
Hmmmm. Reading your post over again...had another idea, sometimes eggs are kind of spotty through lack of calcium. I had some that were shipped to me, they werent visibly that way on the outside, only when candled.
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well these look normal when they are laid but shortly after develop dark spots inside the shell it looks like. not like anything in the contents of the egg or the shell, but somewhere in between?
i had thought about calcium. is more common in my whitish bantamx eggs. but i aslo have a brown egg like that in the fridge.
Could you maybe send a photo? I just can't get a picture in my mind of what you mean. Some of my eggs have little dark spots like freckles on them but I don't think that's what you mean. Maybe the shell is thinner in some spots???
ok this is not a good example b/c i just used all the white ones that had the very obvious spots. but you can see the brown egg in the top right of the picture developing some spots inside the egg (slightly). also the one is the bottom left is getting some but it doesnt really show in the pic. the white WILL, i just collected it today...

its definitely not eggshell pigment, tho it may be weaker spots in the shell as suggested.

Hmmmmmmmmmm I'm thinking its the shell and not inside the egg or anything. Could be the shell not being uniform thickness or an issue like that perhaps.
I can see what you mean. It really does look like the shell is just not a uniform thickness.
Did the hens just begin laying?
Are you feeding them layer food and /or oyster shell?
I got one like that from one of my BOs today. I think it's a pigment issue. I'll know if it's a shell thickness issue when I crack the egg to use it.

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