what are these? New photos added !


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The one on the right is an Australorp but I'm not sure about the others?

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Juuuust kidding.

The one on the right looks a bit like an australorp. I don't know about the buff one--- its legs are the wrong color for a buff orpington and the comb is wrong. a mix?
None of them have feathered legs, correct?

(Can't tell for sure whether or not I'm seeing some very light feathering on the "Australorp" and "Orpington")
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OK, you have a lovely Australorp and a couple of very special girls.
The one in the middle looks like a Lithuanian Lemon Molly Margarita and the one on the left looks like a Albanian Smokey Blue Pearl.
Blue Andalusian, honestly looks like a young cockerel, is it the same age or younger? Buff Orpington. . . mix? And a Black Australorp.
I did wonder about that. anyone else think it might be a he? It has been getting a bit aggressive with the buff one. How does he/she look different to the Australorp (other than colouring) to make you think maybe a cockeral?

I believe the two black ones are 4 months old and the middle one is 6 months.
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