What are these?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by loquist, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. loquist

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    Apr 28, 2008
    I got some Rhode Island Reds and what looked to be white leghorns as chicks. Now, at 8 weeks old, the white chickens are actually bigger than the RIR's and a couple of them have some random black feathers mixed with the white on their backs. The fact that they are bigger than the RIR's makes me think that they are not leghorns. The black feathers just confuse the issue more.
    Can anyone help?

    I cannot find my camera this evening, so I will post a picture tomorrow.

  2. wclawrence

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    they are most likely either Ross broiler or Cobb broiler.
    eat em when they are about 12 weeks old
  3. plfreitag

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    Jun 28, 2007
    wright city mo
    They could be California Whites. I have some of those.


    Little specks of black randomly scattered all over the place. It's the result of a California Gray roo over a White Leghorn hen.

    Lays white eggs.

    Can be aggressive to weaker birds.

    Trisha in MO
  4. loquist

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    Apr 28, 2008
    Thanks for the replies.
    I don't think they are California Whites. They look different. I don't know about the Ross or Cobbs. Here are some pics. Tell me what you think.



    The first one has only yellowish/light brownish feathers under the white ones. The second one has the obvious brown (I said black in my first post) feathers that confuse me.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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  5. reallemons1

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    Mar 31, 2008
    Gloucester, VA
    Not really sure, but maybe if the whites are roos, Red Sexlinks?
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  6. fancyfowl4ever

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    Mar 17, 2008
    Cranbrook, BC, Canada
    Look like red sexlink roosters to me.

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