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8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
So I got a momma hen with 5 pullets ( they think they are pullets) and I'm not sure the breed and think I have 2 roos. I also have a couple of others that I wonder what they are?


I think the black and grey ones may be roos

roo suspect #1

Roo suspect #1

Roo suspect #2

Roo suspect #2

a sibling ( pretty sure a hen)

Another sibling ( thinking hen)

Just for fun momma Bantem and 5 of her 6 babies

a couple Bantams from the chicken swap ( any ideas what they are?)

Second of 4 bantams from chicken swap I love her hair but no clue what she is or how old?

My daughters new pullet ( he said what she was but I don't remember)
Something silver laced I think
Oh and do you think the 5 are actually brothers and sisters or maybe just odd eggs momma hatched they all 5 look so different?
Note sure on the others with the momma. Looks like you got the roosters and hens identified. But the ones you got at a swap.

Silkie Mix of some sort
Blue Laced Wyandotte (Possible Red?)
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the mom is a leghorn while the babies are mixes and those 2 are cockerels, they may or may not be related

these look like d'uccle though maybe color mixed. the pic after this one is another mix and the last one looks like a blue laced red wyandotte though it's either cold or sick as they shouldnt be poofy like that
Thanks, I really like the bantams thought they looked cool with the feathery feet and funny hats :)

The last one was cold..she was sitting by herself in the coupe not with the 3 that came with her..plus I woke her up and moved her..She is sitting in the temporary brooder box I made for one of the little babies last night eating some chick feed, and talking to me...
oh and the last one didn't come from the swap, just the funny feathery footed ones :)
we still have a light on in our brooder though the chicks are completely feathered out lol i should take it off but the temp difference between day and night is like 20-35 (80's in the day and 60's-50's at night)
She does have something wrong with her but I hadn't gotten good pictures of it yet.. Its tiny white flakey like things all around her neck.. they don't move and are not alive??

I think those white things on her neck are nits - louse eggs. Whenever I get new chickens from larger flocks, they seem to have them. You could try some de-lousing meds on her.

I think that the hen in the top photo looks like a brown leghorn (or a cross of that breed), and her babies look like they have some wyandotte in them. The grey one makes me think of a blue-laced red. I think you've got their genders pegged
I didn't see any lice and it looks like dandruff..or somebody sat and filed a bunch of finger nails over her??? She was in a small brooder with about 8-10 others...I have 4 of them and the other 3 don't have it...

I will treat just in case what do I use?

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