What bantam breeds have peacombs?


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Mar 6, 2012
East Central Ohio
I have several chicks I got as random bantams that I haven't been able to identify yet. What Bantam breeds have peacombs & can you post pix so I can compare to my chicks?

I have several others with single combs that I have been thinking are OEG, but some of the colors are a bit off. What other Bantam breeds have single combs?
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You asked about what bantam breeds have single combs and which have pea combs. On the APA listing, the bantams are broken down into Modern Game Bantams, Game Bantams, Single Comb Clean Legged, Feather legged, Rose comb clean legged, and All Other Comb Clean legges (look at the column to the far right and it'll tell you the "class name". You wanted to know which bantams have pea combs (several in the AOCCL class and some of the feather legged) and which had single combs (all of the games, all of the SCCL, and some of the feather legged). It would be easiest if you gave us more to go on to help you out. You could post pics, give better descriptions of the birds (feather legged, clean legged, leg color, ear lobe color, etc) but pics would be best to look at stance, shape, etc. Folks aren't going to want to post random pics and say "does it look like this".
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