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Mar 4, 2008
Does anyone know what type of breed these chickens are? George is the light gray one and Hester is the darker one. He has bluish gray feet/legs and she has green tail feathers. We got them when they were a few weeks old. The lady had said they were barred rocks, but as you can see they aren't. Maybe a mix breed? What breeds do you think?






Yes mixed.. hard to tell what George is mixed with, he appears to be a blue also.. Hester probably is an EE mix- appears he has a pea comb and a beard/muff also(just not very big). Yep that's a he.. both of those are boys.
looking at those yellow legs, and the elongated body, I might guess there is some game in there ... modern ? OE ? jungle fowl ? don't look "chunky" enough to be the kind of EE I've run into
They both look like mixes of egg laying breeds to me. The one in the back with the pea comb looks like an EE mix from the head and face shape. My guess there is some BR genes in there too.
Thanks! The funny thing about these two is that they are inseparable. Where one is the other is right next to them. How come Hester doesn't have a large waddle?

Went out this morning to find Hester (maybe new name should be Hank?
) with a hurt leg. She/he can't seem to put an weight on the left leg and has it out stretched. We moved her to the "hospital" to see if it will improve. Any suggestions on how to help her. We have plenty of water and food out for her and a little cup of plain yogurt.


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