What breed and gender?!?

Pullet or Cockerel

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Nov 25, 2015
Parrish, Florida
4 week old chicks. Was told the black one is a black sex linked pullet. Have no idea what the other dark colored one is. Thoughts on both chicks? Bought them at a feed store and all are supposed to be pullets, but I know I have one roo that is one of my Delawares

Breed and sex for both?

Breed and sex for the 2 darker chicks?

Breed and sex?

Breed and sex?

Breed and sex?

Breed and sex? The tail to the Left of the photo is the other supposed Black sex link I have. Both are supposed to be pullets, but this one has a larger comb and shorter tail. Does that mean its a roo? Are they even black sex links or something else?

Breed? Sex?
Well the one with gold flecks is a Golden Laced Wyandotte! Don't panic when/if that one starts to turn pink in the comb around 4-5 weeks. My pullets did that. GLW are harder to determine the sex early on. You'll know whether is a pullet or cockerel by 12 weeks.
Thanks everyone! You guys are always so helpful especially for a first time chicken owner like me! Love knowing I can pop on here and ask a question and get nearly immediate replies.

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