what breed and/ or gender of this chicken


6 Years
Jul 1, 2013
bruce mines
This is luna she was born in may this year and i dont know the breed and also gender may help aswell i hope shes a pullet but im not too sure and maybe i could have help on when she will lay!?
So she is about 20 weeks old? I would say that she's a pullet and will lay pretty soon chickens usually lay at 20-25 weeks, she also looks like a mix though. Where did you get her?
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X 2 she looks like pullet getting ready to lay and some sort of mix. Do you have any idea what breeds she could be?
The silkie would explain the feathered feet and the black sex link the color. With that cross I would have guessed she would be on the late side for laying eggs, but she looks like she should start in the next month or so.
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