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    Mar 31, 2012
    So I have opted against keeping ornamental waterfowl simply due to the lack of natural watersources where I've built my enclosed aviary so I'm going to keep a pair of ornamental pheasants. Himalayan monals, Temminck and Satyr Tragopans all catch my eye, my enclosure is around 7m long, around 4m wide and 2 m tall. Chicken mesh on one side which is the exposed side to predators, but never had problems with foxes with my chickens, the other side a flexible plastic chicken netting. Both sides there is around 12" submerged in the floor and backfilled with stones and top soil. The top is a flight netting, 1 and 3/8" a strong flight netting for gamebirds.

    I have planted quite a few shrubs, ornamental grasses and some climbing plants, planted them last week in the sun, first few days days of sun in the UK. Had a down fall of snow today so I'm hoping it's not killed them, so I'm wanting them to flourish and provide a bit of shade and foilage. Ample grass seed has been spread too. What I need to do next is aquire some logs, branches and such and make a climbing frames of sorts to provide height and perches.

    I was wondering what people provide as a shelter out of the rain and cold, one side of the enclosure goes back to back with my shed where I keep feeds and materials. I was thinking of providing a shelter at the top of the yard (quite a steep descent) and one next to the shed. The shelter next to the shed, I was either think of cutting a 2x2ft square out of the far corner of the shed and building a internal shelter with a hatch where I can monitor eggs, provide bedding etc. Either that or building a dog kennel like shelter on stilts and attaching that side to the shed.

    What do you guys, think? Want to make it as natural as possible and include as many enrichments as possible. Any help, ideas, words of advice much appreciated. I'm not in a mega rush to get any as there is limited stock in my area.

    Thanks in advance, J

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