What Breed Are My Bantam Chickens


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Aug 9, 2019
Aubrey, Texas
So we got these bantam chickens out of a random assortment at tractor supply and was wondering if anyone can guess at the breeds. They both are around 2 weeks old.

The first one has feathered feet and we think is a cockerel cause he is bigger then the others we got at the time and his wing feathers are not as filled out.

The second one started out with a chipmonk pattern. And is the one to the left of the silkie.

Any help would be appreciated!

I dont think EE cause it doesnt have the cheek or neck fuzz. Hard to tell with the angle that I took the picture at.

Thanks for the help everyone! Will be interesting to see what they are!

Just thought I would post some newer pictures of these guys and see what people think they are now.

This is them at 5 or 6 weeks old. The first one still has a very small yellow comb and no wattles. We are hoping it's a pullet.
20190914_083335.jpg 20190914_083331.jpg 20190914_083330.jpg

The second one we are guessing is a cockerel with that red comb.
20190914_083345.jpg 20190914_083344.jpg 20190914_083348.jpg

Still no idea what they are but we like their coloring.

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