What Breed Are My Hens?


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May 9, 2011
Nowata, OK
The lighter yellow hen has some barring throughout, and the darker one is more reddish with black tips on her tail. The black hens look like my sumatra rooster but are larger than him. They have black legs, and face and very small combs. One of the black hens has yellowish legs and brown/red feathers below her beak. I bought all the hens together at an auction, and the rooster was a totally separate buy. Any info will help. Thanks!


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Maybe mutts, it looks like a few of them are buff barred (i think thats what it's called, im a little rusty on my chicken facts atm)

Edit: The black ones may be black sexlinks
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I'm not an expert but maybe the buff barred one is a lemon cuckoo orpington? she looks like she could be an orpington and a lady I knew had some lemon cuckoos, they were buff with barring like yours.

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