What Breed Are These Bantams?

Lillian J Kline

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Aug 14, 2017
I just got 10 chicks today from Tractor Supply (a day or two old). 6 That we know everything we want to about.

But it’s the 4 bantams we have no clue.

I’m sure there are two one breed and two another.

094CCB15-682B-4366-AF18-060EE44F329E.jpeg CB5703F2-E9C2-400A-97B5-9FB0E660F86A.jpeg 8110B87B-FDA9-47D9-8936-E6D13134AE90.jpeg D9100A60-310D-4ACD-9D58-711F96ED58B6.jpeg

These ones especially we have no idea about.

4940B83C-EC0F-4455-B2A9-FD8D5F90F90B.jpeg 819B90F9-D3E8-48C0-A9EF-79E05A627C60.jpeg B5B67573-72A7-41F4-8111-9F2EE6D27CC7.jpeg

Does anybody know or have any idea as to what they might be?
Are you sure the ones in the first 4 pictures are bantams? They look like welsummer bantams or brown leghorns?

Unless Tractor Supply screwed up, they’re bantam. They were in the Bantam bins. I don’t think they did because they’re half the size of the regular chicks of the same age


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agree with Gray Farms - didn't realize how very, very young they are. Please post new photos when they are 8 weeks old.

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