What breed are these chicks? (pictures of parents)

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Aug 6, 2010
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I finished a summer job at a farm visitors centre yesterday and one of the workers caught me some chicks as a leaving present. The park had chickens wandering around, pretty wild so I dont know if they have a breed or if they're just 'mixed.' Some of the hens look like partridge plymouth rocks.

The mother of my chicks looks like this:



And these are the two potential Daddies:

Don't know what breed this is

I'm fairly sure this is a partidge plymouth rock

So..... any ideas what my chicks are? I have two black ones and one white one. (Hopefully two girls and one boy)
Another hen could have been laying eggs in the nest as well from the looks of those chicks,im not sure what breed they are.
ooo I hadn't thought of that! How likely is that to happen?

The mum hen has a poorly leg and limps so she's bottom of the pecking order. She started off with 10 chicks - 3 black ones, 2 yellow ones and 5 white ones. She kept those for a couple of weeks then lost 4 over the course of last week and had 3 black ones and 3 white ones. now I've got 3 of them she's only got 3 left with her.
Whoa, those roosters are really something! Looks like one has a single comb, and one's got a rose (?). Can you tell what the chicks' combs are?
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Yeah those cockerals are beautiful! One of my black chicks is definately a boy and he has a rose comb. The other black one has no visable comb yet so fingers crossed thats a girl.
The white chick appears to have the beginnings of a rose comb too, but not as advanced or pink as the boy..... really hoping it aint another boy as I already have one wyandotte cockeral outside with my existing flock which I want to breed from. Any more boys will have to go to my Dad's house and have a high probability of ending up in the freezer :-(

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