What breed are these ducklings?


12 Years
Jun 18, 2008
Ok, i finally got some ducklings and i am not real sure what breed they are.
I figured this one is a Pekin:

And i didnt think this one was a Pekin sence she/he is darker but what do you think?

Them together..
Congrats! They are not pekins, but I am not sure what they are. The bills are the same color so maybe the same breed though, just not sure what lol.
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Ya right after i posted this i read something else about duckling coloring and now i dont think they are Pekins either... Could they be Fawn and white runners? Albert (my fawn and white runner male) was bought at the feed store and was yellow.. although i didnt see him as a duckling our friend told us what he looked like.
They look like Welsh harlequin to me, I doubt very much that they are fawn and white. Welsh harlequins are very pretty...... keep us posted as they grow.
I think you all are right.. Welsh Harlequin ducklings
I just looked up the hatchery the farm store uses and here is the list of ducks they offer:
Indian Runner
Khaki Campbell
Rare Breed - Ancona
Rare Breed - Cayuga
Rare Breed - Crested
Rare Breed - Harlequin
Is there anyway to tell the sex of Welsh Harlequin ducklings? Do male Harlequins have lighter colored bills than hens or i am finding bad quality ducks when searching?
Look like Harlequins

Males are suppose to have a solid dark colored bill and females are suppose to have a orange bill with a dark tip,but it doesnt alwaya work out that way. (Its right about 90 % of the time)
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I used to think that the boys have more charcoaling around the head area, and most times it was correct...... but not always. The best way if you really want to know is to get a gold chain dangle it in front of the duckling if it goes round its a girl if it sways to and fro its a boy! hahahaha........... just kiddin, vent sexing is the way.

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