What breed/color/sex are these?

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12 Years
Jun 12, 2009
New Ipswich
Hi everyone,
Another newbie to the chickens and am really curious as to what I have. They are all around 9-10 weeks old.
I am almost positive this is a female. The pictures aren't awsome quality but you get some idea.

and here she is again with her buddy Winnie.

Now the grey one (Winnie) is different. I think it is another she- No idea what breed though- she does have 5 toes-

here is a front view of Winnie-

The next ones are kind of difficult to see but take a guess anyways. This is Crash

I guess he's a he- but he is a little wimpy- I just love him though- he just flew on my head from his brooder-lol

here is his rear end-

Another favorite is this frizzle "Petry". I am guessing boy and maybe cochin but I don't know-

Another one of "Petry"

And one more

Last two are a silkie and show girl- just one photo of each for now.

And the show girl "Olive Oil"

I have more chicks to have you all look at but didn't want to flood One post with all of these photos. I will post the next batch once we figure out these.
Oh- and assuming I have say 5 roos and 5 hens- what's the likelyhood of not having to get rid of them? I know too many roos isn't good but if they grew up together, is there any chance they could keep the peace? So far, they get along fine with not too much bullying or anything but I understand they are still young and once sexually mature, we could be looking at a different personality on these guys- just a thought. I'd hate to part with any of them- My coop is 8x4 and they have a good size pen and they can free range when I am home (eventually)- I worry keeping less in the coop. they might be chilly in this NH weather. What do you all think?
Thanks alot!
The ones in the first 4 pics are silkie crosses, possibly with EE. The next one is a silver laced polish. Then a black frizzled cochin, partridge silkie, and a partridge showgirl.

The silkie and cochin look like cockerels, too soon to tell on the rest.
Posted this earlier on the wrong thread so thought I would put it on the right one. Can you identify my chickens?

Someone said the white ones are probably light sussex.
Thanks everyone
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