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Heyy everyone! I want to find out what breed my hens and my rooster are. Here's a picture of them.

This is a picture of all three and I realize you can't see my brown hen too well. I don't have another picture available of her and she's a bit mean to handle. >_< I'll get one of her soon if you have a hard time determining what she is.

Close-up of my lovely rooster.

Close-up of one of my hens. She was the sweetest one, but she just turned broody so haha. :(

And I don't have a close-up for my brown hen, but she lays brown (light brown) eggs. My other hen lays pale green eggs! :) I would greatly appreciate finding out their breed!!
If your buff (tan) colored one is laying light green eggs, then she would be an ameraucana/easter egger. The roo is beautiful. I'm not sure what he is, could be a mix of some sort, maybe some speckled Sussex or something in there. The brown girl also seems to be some sort of backyard mix, which happens when you get roos and hens of different breeds mating, especially if the parents weren't pure bred to begin with. Either way, it's a beautiful group of birds you've got there!
I agree, your gold/buff hen is an Easter Egger!

No idea on the brown hen without seeing comb/body/leg shots.

Hm, and your rooster is very interesting, tall rose comb with crele coloration. There is a crele version of the Rosecomb breed but it is a bantam, and yours is a large fowl. So not sure, but he's a good looking roo.
Not sure about the buff. She doesn't have the typical ameraucana-cross muffs, so I can't speak to that. The rooster actually looks like a cree to me. Those are very rare in the US, and are often used for fly fishing ties. I'm not too familiar with the breed, so I can't be sure, but that's what is seems to me. However, crees hold the crele color pattern, which many breeds can have, so it's probable that it's just something else in the crele variety.The brown hen evokes cubalaya to me. The posture of the tail suggests cubalaya, but the overall shape is a little plump... But I would say a partially BBR cubalaya. Possibly crossed with another breed.
To me, your brown hen looks like an Easter Egger that missed the blue egg gene. Very full-bodied, looks a lot like one of my girls. Maybe crossed with a red somewhere in there, or a wheaten, for that lovely coloring. Does not look like cubalaya to me as they are gamier and that coloration appears on a wide variety of breeds as does a pea comb.

(And to note: Easter Eggers are often lacking in various typical traits, including beards and muffs. I have an EE hen that lays sky blue eggs with no beard and muffs, but I guarantee she is an EE hen, as is OPs buff hen.)
Thanks for the input you guys! It's helping me a lot! I realized I had a somewhat better picture of my rooster on my phone, but I'll take another later on. This one's from a long while ago, in January I believe. His color is a bit pale here and he's much thinner (he barely even eats since he's always looking out for the hens and making sure they get food!) but I hope it helps.


This isn't a very good picture either, but I took it earlier and well I'm throwing it in just for kicks, I guess. :D

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