What breed/gender am I?


13 Years
Sep 5, 2010

I was wondering if any of you kind people could help me because I'm a bit confused. I have no idea what I am! I was given to my mommy along with a bunch of EE chicks but it's becoming very obvious that I don't fit in with my "siblings," I am much smaller and don't have funny colored legs. Mom calls me Little Spaz because I am always on the move and really active, I just can't sit still. If someone has any guesses on what I am it would be a big help. I'm only about 5 weeks old. Just click on my pics to see them bigger. Thanks soooo much!

I've had a few EE's come in with that pattern. Maybe mixed with something? Also looks like my welsummer chicks. Could be anything. I suppose you could repost in a few weeks and be able to tell better.
I was going to wait until more feathers come in to post pics of my chick that looks like it's part SPARROW! It looks a lot like yours. I don't know what exactly it's a mix of, probably an EE roo and a ? Really, it looks like some kind of camo-bird.

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