what breed is he. ?

He's pretty whatever he is! Is he Bantam or full sized? You're certain he's purebred?

I'm not an expert but I'll toss out a few guesses: Welsummer, Black Copper Maran...Japanese or Dutch Bantam X?
thankyou,yes he is a beauty. He is a bantam,just not sure what breed or whether he is pure bred, and he is a bit of a STUD with my girls lol
Beautiful little rooster! The color is a little off, but I would say that he is a Dutch Bantam or Dutch Bantam mix.
He looks like a mixed breed to me. Dutch Bantams don't have feathered legs, which he appears to have.
yeh, that's what made me think. there was some lavender Isabella's and some milfleur running with the dutch, think there may be a bit of allsorts in him but he is quite a little character and seems more than happy with his lady's..ha ha

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