what breed is my black and white rooster?


9 Years
Oct 1, 2010
he was sent to us as our 'exotic' from murray mcmurray, but... we still have no idea what he is. seems to be the only one that can fly enough to hop our 8 ft fence, very quiet, but very entertaining. sleeps on top of the fence every night and doesn't really have a lot to do with the other chickens but loves people. does anyone have any idea what breed he may be?

my profile pic was him at about 6 weeks old.
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We'd need an image.

He could likely be an Easter Egger / mutt. Does he have a beard? What does his comb look like? What color are his legs?

Black and White narrows down to Easter Egger, Dark Brahma, Silver Leghorn, Dorking, etc.
thought it had uploaded as my profile image.... still trying to figure this thing out.
he doesn't have a comb. started off with a black afro, but has now turned mostly white. has red markings near his eyes.

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