What breed is my chicken her name is combover

Sarah claypole

6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
You might want to get better pictures to help with the guessing. Clear whole body shots and a good head shot would help. She looks to be a pretty chicken with an interesting color.
So she has a crest of feathers on her head? (hence the name :) and is she reddish barred in color with some black in her tail? The pictures still come up fuzzy on my computer and I can't tell for sure if it is the color and markings or the lighting. Are you in the UK? She looks like some sort of Legbar or Rhodebar or cross of them to me right now.
She has got a black tip on her tail and fairly brown on her back with a lighter colour towards her head and under belly.yes i do live in the uk and its raining as per usual so the light will be a bit off and thank you soo much for your help shes such a beautiful bird.:)

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