What Breed is my Roo and Age?


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6 Years
Aug 13, 2013
Just bought a bantam roo and a Rhode Island red and wanted to know the breed of the roo and age old the RIR.
Here is the pictures-

RIR age? (Sorry if its not clear but they were new so they scared of me)

Any suggestions? The guy said they are 26 to 28 weeks but Im just checking :)
The little rooster looks like he has feathered feet and with a single comb and rounded tail I would vote Cochin. The RIR does look mature with all the red on her face, so could very well be around that age. She may not lay eggs for awhile for you, even if she was laying in her old home though, because of the move.
It's hard to tell from the pic, is that roo a lemon cuckoo? Or buff barred? I'm not big on the difference between the two..........
Your rooster looks like a Buff Cochin. As for the age of your Rhode Island Red, I think she may be around five to six months old.

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