What breed is right for me??


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Aug 31, 2013
Newville, pennsylvania
Just starting out. I'm curious to what breed of chickens would be perfect. I have read that Rhode Island reds are great all around birds. I'm looking for a good brown or white egg layer and at what age would they stop laying eggs. I'm hoping for one egg a day from each bird(hope) and I live in central Pa. Only looking for four-six hens to the flock
I love my Rhode Island reds! I have 2 and a red sex link. All 3 lay nice eggs except my oldest RIR stopped laying at 2.5 years old. It's normal for them to stop laying like this. My RIR's have never molted either, which is strange to me. My others have molted every year.
I am not going to have a rooster. We are only looking for eggs for eating. And I'm looking to purchase some that are 18-23 wks old. I'm finding it hard to find any people that sell them at that age. If anybody knows a site that does I would love the input. I have no chickens yet and don't really want to start with baby chicks. Thanks

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