What breed is she? **Updated with Pic & Video on Pg2**


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She is SOO sweet & I think she's young, but I have no idea on the breed. Thanks for any help.






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Well shes small compared to the Bronze Tom I had last year. she even looks small compared to my hand in the pictures, lol. She came from the auction so I have no background on her except that she was sold with another hen that someone else bought. She's obviously used to people and the other birds. sometimes when i am walking near her she will fall down into her "mating position" like she thinks i am going to do something, lol.... she's a little odd but very sweet. she does look to be young though.
Really hard to tell on the whites. At least for me anyway. If not bb white it could be midget white, beltsville or white holland.
I just read a bit on the Beltsville & the Midget white... she is smaller so Hollands are out.

She is more around 10lbs if i had to guess Right Now. I can make a better guess tomorrow. She does have the pinkish-white legs and the off colored beak of the beltsville and it seems that her weight would fit into that breed better... but it says they're rare? How rare are they? She is a good forrager and has become a bit attached to a couple of my Muscovy hens so she roams the yard with them a lot, she likes the feed but she only ate a few big "bites" after i refilled their dishes and then went back to the yard.... My old Bronze Tom was a HOG, her appetite for feed is nothing like his was!!!

Would it be better if i got a picture of her next to another one of my birds for size comparison? If so... I have Muscovies, a white chinese goose & some bantam chickens, just let me know which would be best.
I don't think you can judge by size, looking at the fuzz on top of the head I would guess it's really young yet. Going by the size of the caruncles and the fact that it's still young, she could end up being a he. Sure is cute, though!
I am guessing againt BBW too. Most Hatchery stop selling those back in June. He is not that old. From the pictures he does not look more than 5 lbs. Like Frosty said he is very young.

Can you get a picture with him standing up? Does he always lay down like that? I like to look at the legs.
The BBW's have short legs and the body tends to be much more rounded than a heritage variety. We raise the 3 white feathered varieties. When they are young it's hard to tell but there are a few differences. The White Hollands are bigger boned and weight more as poults - when you pick them up you can feel the difference. The Beltsville Small White are very stocky and do look alot like small versions of a BBW. The Midgets have a longer body than the other two. If you look at our website we have pics of all 3. If it's a BBW you will be able to tell by the rapid weight gain in pretty short order - they get bigger every time you look at them.

The BSW isn't as rare as some of the sites say. There is a breeder in WA that has birds than can be traced person to person back to the USDA research station in Ames, Iowa. They are actually the 2nd owner since they left Ames.

Midgets win on taste every time and are our fav. There have been a couple taste tests and they come out on top there as well so it isn't just me. For egg laying the BSW's outlay all the others. The Midgets are more people friendly the BSW's more standoffish. Other than that they are very close. Both will go broody and hatch & raise poults so I would take the Midgets on taste alone.

I'll always have the BSW's as long as I am able. Preservering them is important to me since they were very close to being extinct.


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