What breed is she?


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6 Years
Dec 29, 2013
Fluffy is the one in the middle

After doing some google image search she could be a white cochin potentially? would appreciate it if someone could confirm or advise

Thanks :)
Could anyone advise what they are like with their laying habits?
Are they meant to be quite small compared to other hens?
It doesn't look pure white in the pics to me. It looks more like a Porcelain Cochin (Pekin) bantam pullet. As far as laying, Cochins are poor layers, but good brooders and mothers.
Yeah I was going to say that it isn't pure white. It's got a bluish tinge to it.
What exactly is a brooder? (sorry, still very new to this )
Looks like a self blue to me. She's probably a bantam cochin if she is staying small. They lay small eggs 3-5 days per week. They are a very docile breed and are some of the best pets. I own two and am working on getting a breeding rooster.
Yes she is staying small. Those are her baby pictures. She has laid her first egg now. She got very territorial when I added a new chicken as a playmate but now they are super friendly. One isn't seen without the other

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