What breed is this chicken???

tomato lady

10 Years
May 18, 2009
Eatonville, WA
Purchased this chick from the local feed store. I was buying Jersey Giants, but this little gal dosn't look like the others. I really don't care what she is, I just want to know what I have. Thanks.

She's a pretty girl. I had no idea black sex links had all that gold in them. Do they retain it when they get older? I've got a red sex link and she's getting less "red" by the day!
Well I may be wrong because I am new at this chicken love affair... but I have six americaunas that I got at my local feed store that look alot like that... 3 are dark with gold and 3 are gold with some black ... good luck will keep checking I am now very curious too...
I have 6 BSL pullets and they run in color from almost total black to 1/2 gold and 1/2 black. All have some gold on the chest. As chicks they had a black head and black body. I could only see gold on one chick. I'm told the BSL roo's have a white spot on the head, hence sex-link. I'm surprised how good they look, since they looked like baby buzzards for awhile. They seem to get more gold as they age.

I can get a current ten week old pic if you want it.
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It looks like my black sex link girls. one of my 2 girls has just a little bit of red on her chest and I am not sure that my other girl has a single feather on her that doesn't have some red on it . . . . .

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