What breed is this? Giant Silkie Breed?


Jan 12, 2016

Here's the story. My mom likes to purchase chickens from a few of the local Amish families for meat. On a visit about two years ago, she came back home with about 40 of these "giant silkies". She ended up keeping three roosters and one hen and let them run around the yard. Since I've never seen any silkies this big before, I went back to visit the Amish family my mom purchased these from to get more information on the birds. After a few questions,they said they let me know they no longer have anymore. I asked where they purchased the chicks from and they said from the hatchery but they wouldn't sell anymore of these so they couldn't purchase anymore to raise.

Does anyone know what breed of chicken this is? Or have any information on these?

They look exactly like silkies, even have the fourth toe but just a lot larger, definitely not bantam size.

Why would
Some poorly bred silkies will be large like that, yours even have a single comb. There is a standard version of the silkie but they are very rare, yours is just a poor example of a silkie, though it's also possible it's a mix breed.
silkies should have 5 toes not four, and that comb looks like it came from a space alien. US has bantam silkies - other countries have large fowl silkies. But the pictured one is very low quality or mixed with ????

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