What Breed is this guy-23 Weeks Old !! Help, Pictures included


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Apr 3, 2012
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My Coop
Hey all, Here are some pictures of a 23 week old roo that we have. I have no idea what breed he may be.. he has all white feathers ( they are kinda wispyy), and white legs. We have 3 others ( 1 hen and 2 roo's - that look exactly like him, but much smaller.. not sure what breed they are either)

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hmm, i looked up that breed. I can see the similarities for sure. But maybe the pictures are mis-leading. His tail doesn't have quite the same appearance as the Japanese Bantys
No , I dont have any side shots because he is always trying to peck at the camera! I can try and get one tomorrow though... He is large compared to all the chickens in the pen he is in (Icelandics) because they are more banty size. But he would be smaller/ similar height to my Light Sussex or Plymouth Barred Rocks.
He's a tough one! Most white birds have yellow legs so there's a starting point. Possibly his friends will give more clues.

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